I want to make this site more interesting

A number of (near blog) sites of static content exists,
and no matter how good static content is, there is little value to come back.
Once you have read all these interesting static
the only value of visiting them again is to check for the updates.
But even checking the updates is more convenient with rss feed
(all of the good technical blogs have an rss feed, except this one).

Is there an exception?

I caught myself on the fact,
that the only tech-blog site that I revisit every few days is notbob.i2p
(if you're confused here is a link for you)
He has a blog that he updates everyday,
mostly about other eepsites or about the status of i2p network.
Point is: regular updates create revisiting value

Regular updates? I am not doing that.

I like the idea of regular (everyday) updates on this site.
But there is no way I actually going to do them.
By combining these two points: updates should be automated.

What kind of updates?

I am not interested in doing news or life updates or some aggregation of content of others
It needs to be related to stuff I already do or done.
My first thought was a random quote and related picture on the main page, that get updated every day. But its not really related to this site.
So instead its going to be a random phrase from NesfateLP
and picture generated by stable diffusion
In order to be related to Nessi, I'll use her avatar as source image in img2img generation.
nessi avatar image
Also important to mention, that I already have many Her phrases in audio files from voice dataset building project

The Plan